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Sasa - the ultimate online beauty & health shop

Sasa offers worldwide around-the-clock access to the best beauty and health products. Skincare, fragrance, makeup, slimming, haircare, nailcare, bath and body care, health and beauty supplements, and men's products - it's all here.

We offer famous brands, as well as quality niche brands to cater for your special beauty needs. And to help you decide, we feature beauty tips and articles on the latest beauty trends, techniques and products. Subscribe to our e-newsletter or visit our website regularly for special promotions.

Join our Sa Sa VIP programme for an extra 5% discount off our already great prices. And earn Bonus Points good for free redemptions. accepts various payment methods and offer free shipping service.

Further enhancing our customers’ experience, we feature beauty tips, articles and videos about the latest beauty trends, techniques and product information.

Through our website, e-newsletter , e-magazine and social media channels, we reach customers all over the world.

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Luxurious bath, body, skincare and home products from Provence,

France Ever since it was founded in 1976, L'OCCITANE has nurtured simple values: authenticity, respect and sensoriality.

This is more than a philosophy; it is a commitment that, over the years, has influenced many important decisions.

All of our actions and choices are guided by a twofold desire: to preserve and to pass on.

It is this that gives our brand its life force, its meaning and its purpose. In the interest of rigorously maintaining the traceability of our ingredients and the sustainability of our supply chain, L’OCCITANE has a team dedicated to our relationships with producers. Our formulas, inspired by the knowledge of nature, always have the utmost respect for the environment, avoiding any form of biopiracy.


THE SECRET’S OUT! After years of sharing my advice with top beauty editors, celebrities and clients at my Hollywood spa, I am excited to share all of my beauty and wellness secrets with you.

My many years of treating skin have enabled me to find solutions to every major skin concern. I have personally formulated each product in my line to deliver maximum results to your skin. OLEHENRIKSEN skincare products are formulated with nature’s most potent botanical ingredients, allowing every client to experience transformative results.

It has always been my aim to help every client become his or her own skin expert and now you can! I am eager to share the many creative ways to use my products for optimal results and even how to make your own products at home. As you become your own skincare expert I know you will find it exciting to learn about new product launches, spa treatments and much more. Here’s a toast to your natural beauty!

June Jacobs Spa Collection



June Jacobs, a world renowned spa visionary for over thirty years, has redefined luxury spa. As the creator of three global skin care lines, and with a continued commitment to innovation and quality, June set out to change the landscape of skin care within the spa market through the creation of the June Jacobs Spa Collection.

To maintain the highest levels of quality and standards in manufacturing, June also opened an independent laboratory, June Jacobs Labs.

June resides in New York City and works alongside her daughter, Rochelle Jacobs. As an avid cyclist, June can be seen riding her bike to and from her Park Avenue office in "head to toe" couture!

In addition to running a successful skincare brand, June has been an active board member of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund since 1997.

DERMA doctor

When skincare shopping for facial cleansers, it's important in today's economy to get effective items that are multi-purpose whenever possible. Many DERMAdoctor products are formulated with this concept in mind.

Wrinkle Revenge facial cleansers contain glycolic acid to exfoliate and remove residue, make-up and excess skin oils, but are also packed with free radical fighting antioxidants to help protect skin from photodamage.

Ain't Misbehavin' medicated aha & bha acne cleanser helps clear blemishes by reducing excess oiliness and unplugging pores with the highest level of salicylic acid approved to treat acne. It is a soap free, oil free pH balanced facial cleanser is also enhanced with Allantoin, a healing botanical thought to have anti-irritant properties.

Litmus Test glycolic acid facial cleansing gel helps reestablish healthy skin chemistry. Buffered glycolic acid deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates and promotes cellular turnover, leaving skin clean and radiant. Whether it's acne or anti-aging, try a facial cleanser with a 2n1 punch.


Hello from the pHion Balance team and welcome to our site. By way of some background information, pHion Balance is a rapidly growing, privately held company with corporate offices located in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona - Contact Us. At pHion Balance we believe that your body was created to be healthy, energetic, vibrant and resilient. It has an awesome ability to heal itself, when given the proper nutrients and internal environment to do so.

We also believe that wellness is your birthright, and are dedicated to the purpose of helping you achieve a higher quality of life and health.

We know getting healthier can often be complicated work that is why we aim to provide useful information and outstanding products to help you make healthier choices. We love to see people reap the enormous benefits of a pH Balanced lifestyle.

Our extensive research & development efforts, which are tightly coupled with our "Good Manufacturing Practices", have created a wide range of products geared towards creating pH balance.

Power Swabs


"As a dental university professor and leading oral health researcher at the world’s largest companies, I have deeply come to understand that a beautiful smile speaks a thousand words and creates a lasting impression on everyone. This knowledge has inspired me to create this advanced product that is both very easy to use and also provides a healthier, more effective, clean and white result with zero sensitivity."

Power Swabs® F.A.C.T.™ technologies is the key: Power Swabs® F.A.C.T.™ Technology is designed to be the first technology in the field of tooth whitening to utilize the Laws of Mass Action Cleaning. FACT™ Technology applies all 8 factors to the problem of cleaning and whitening teeth. All factors must be at "equilibrium" in order to optimize the cleaning and whitening of any surface, be it teeth or be it clothing. In fact, just like laundry pre-treaters, the Power Swabs® Stain-Out Swabs™ contain all eight classifications of ingredients, not just one or two found in all other tooth bleaching systems. This all-inclusive approach is the basis for FACT Technology™ and ultimately results in Sparkling Cleaned™, pain-free, whiter Teeth.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop® offers a full assortment of naturally-inspired products, including bath & body, men's and women's skincare, and creative gift ideas for a variety of occasions. They also offer classic and unique fragrances, home fragrances, makeup, and accessories.

We believe true beauty comes from the heart. For us, beauty is much more than a pretty face. It's about feeling good and doing good, too. We make our products with love and care. We source some of the finest raw ingredients from the four corners of the globe. We harness the skills of artisan farmers and add our expertise to create effective products that are wonderful to use.

We trade fairly so communities benefit as well as you. We never test on animals, and all our products are 100% vegetarian. We campaign with passion on issues close to our heart, because activism is in our blood. We always keep people, animals and the planet in mind. So when you shop with us, you are choosing... BEAUTY WITH HEART

Health to Happiness

Live a fuller life with Health to Happiness

"We promote Health and Wellness and we believe that a happier life begins with a healthier life. We provide The Swedish Diet for Drug Free weight loss, so you can enjoy a better life through better health, naturally."

Our mission is to make your life healthier and happier. We can and will provide you with a wide range of quality products, facts, tips and interesting information that we hope will help you to a new improved way of living.

We welcome you as our customer at Health to Happiness. All you have to do now is let us help you become proactive with your own health! If you have any questions about our products or your order, we are here for you. You may contact us via e-mail at:

Time To Spa

Time To Spa – a respite from the chaos of modern life

Time To Spa offers everything you need to look and feel your best each and every day. Our philosophy – inner peace, outer bliss – powers our virtual spa center and lifestyle guide, where a wide variety of products and tips are available to help you de-stress, detoxify and become better balanced.

We carry professionally recommended European brands like Elemis, La Thérapie, Ionithermie and Steiner - the same skin care, beauty care and body care products used in elite spas and on luxury cruise ships worldwide.

Other brands available include CND, Mandara Spa, JouHerbs, GoSmile, and Biofreeze.