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American Meadows

American Meadows, is one of the most respected online retailers. Currently, up to 15,000 gardeners per day visit, and have made it their gardening headquarters. We are known for both the quality of our products and the extensive "How-To" information on our website, all created by American Meadows to help our customers share in the joys of gardening with minimal investments in both time and money.

Our customers range from some of the most experienced horticulturists in the country, to those who simply want to add a little color to their life, and everyone in between.

Our Products Today, in addition to our nationally-known, exclusive wildflower seed mixtures and species, we offer a complete line of flower bulbs and perennials. American Meadows offers over a thousand different plants, vegetables & herbs, seeds, bulbs and associated products throughout the year as seasons allow. Each season we strive to add new and innovative products to go with the tried-and-true favorites that we are known for. This allows you to experience more beauty with less work, as we offer easy-to-grow choices for any kind of property or gardening skill level.