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About Living in NY - New and noteworthy happenings from Manhattan to Staten Island

Let us be your guide to all that New York has to offer, from finding a place to live to landing your dream job to choosing the perfect restaurant for a night out.

New York locals will tell you that one of the biggest challenges for those living in New York is trying to find a place to live. It can be expensive, competitive and completely overwhelming. Start here by learning about the draws and drawbacks of different neighborhoods. Do you want to be surrounded by artists? Are you looking for the right place to launch your career? Raise your family? Are you close enough to the right subway line for your morning commute? We’ll help you find the neighborhood that’s best for you, help you score an apartment and learn your way around like a true New York insider.

There is so much more to living in New York than just the housing, of course. You will find one of the most active nightlife scenes in the world here, and even more going on during the day. Each neighborhood has its own unique flavor and its own special attractions, which the run the gamut from Broadway shows to nightclubs to four star restaurants.

And where can you find out about gallery openings, hot new clubs, or playgroups for your toddler? Start here! While you adjust to life as a New York local, the resources here will guide you, and you’ll be a New York insider in a New York minute.

Escape Lounge

Welcome to the Escape Lounge where we take the hard work out of planning your next Escape!

Our passion is to source fantastic tours & activities from all over Australia and allow you to add accommodation, rental cars, baby sitting, travel insurance, restaurants and much more.

Whether you like to Escape to Relax, for Luxury, for Adventure, for Romance, Family Escapes or you like to Escape to Tour, Hike, Backpack, Surf or Escape for Food and Wine, Australia is a world class travel destination!

Escape Lounge has tailored the categories of Escapes to specifically highlight the beauty of what each state has to offer you! Look no further for magnificent islands, beautiful beaches, snow capped mountain ranges, gorgeous lakes and magnificent outback retreats!

Discover Australia's leading resorts and hotels, try a motor home holiday or even personalise your Escape, your way, by contacting one of our expert consultants.

We have devised so many ways to experience these gems, so take a seat, grab a cocktail and let us tempt you with our amazing Australian holiday Escapes!